A Review of the KidloLand App for Preschoolers

As a full-time professional and a single mom to a spirited soon-to-be threenager, I’m always grateful for anything that can occupy my tot in a safe and constructive manner. Consequently, when I was approached by KidloLand for a free subscription to their educational application in return for an honest review, I mulled over the opportunity, and emphasized to the representative that my son is very picky when it comes to his entertainment options. Currently, he’s obsessed with all things little boys – dinosaurs, cars, trucks, the color blue, and the Finger Family song (although I find the latter a tad bit weird, but hey). If KidloLand was up for the challenge with my persnickety son, then I’d accept the offer. The kind lady reassured me that Ry would have no problems enjoying and making use of it.

Kidloland App for Preschoolers

Admittedly, I was very skeptical at first. After all, the only time Ry got access to monitored iPad time is after daycare. And for the 30 minutes he’d have use of the technology he’d oftentimes gravitate towards his beloved dinos, vehicles, and again, that silly Finger Family song. However, after two weeks of having the app on the family iPad, Ry decided to engage with it. As the app has an intuitive user interface, Ry took to it quickly after I briefly introduced him to the various offerings available. Now KidloLand has become part of our routine.

Kidloland App for Preschoolers

Kidloland App for Preschoolers

Kidloland App for Preschoolers

Ry’s personal favorites from the KidloLand program are the interactive games and activities, as well as some of the songs. He especially enjoys the jigsaw puzzles and the activities that involve sorting, coloring, and shape recognition. However, he has difficulty with the connect-the-dots by numbers games. While he knows his numbers from 1-20 and is very adept at using touch screen (sometimes he’ll even beg for my smartphone), for some reason or another he just can’t seem to get the hang of those dots (of course that’s not the app’s fault though).

Something else that Ry was getting flustered with was the initial limitation of the app to skip over parts he might not enjoy such as connect the dots. This applied to the Activities category because it was possible to do so in the Games section. However, after sharing this minor flaw with the KidloLand representative she informed me that the latest version of the app has been updated to fix that. Yay! We also suggested perhaps adding a dinos theme, and sure enough the rep indicated that they’ll be adding that in the near future. In the meantime, they’re going to include truck songs in July. And that’s why we appreciate the folks at KidloLand. They’re so receptive to feedback and recommendations that they’re constantly updating and adding more and more to their app.

Kidloland App for PreschoolersKidloland App for PreschoolersKidloland App for PreschoolersKidloland App for Preschoolers

KidloLand application features include:

  • Designed specifically for preschool kids.
  • Child-friendly -> very user-friendly.
  • Loaded with over 100 interactive and educational games and activities to help build and develop…
    • cognitive skills
    • memory
    • hand-eye coordination
    • fine motor skills
    • problem solving skills
    • sequencing skills
    • picture and number comprehension
    • and foster imagination and creativity
  • Original educational songs for learning the alphabet, animals, colors, fruits, vegetables, and more.
  • Nursery rhymes and lullabies with age-old classics.
  • Cute animations and sounds.
  • Uninterrupted playlist feature to play 25 songs one after another.
  • Downloadable and available for use offline.
  • No advertisements.

In my review, I can honestly say that the KidloLand application is a wonderful preschool companion for my kiddo, and hopefully it’ll be for yours too. While it’s always best for children to participate in traditional play such as sports, playground activities, imaginative play, etc., apps such as KidloLand’s only serves to enhance our little ones’ learning and cognitive development. In an age where modern-day families like mine are surrounded with technology, it’s a welcome relief to have brands such as KidloLand promote and offer good, clean, wholesome educational entertainment and fun. It’s no surprise that they’re also the recipient of various honors. Most recently they won the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award 2016.

So if you’re interested in seeing whether or not KidloLand is right for you and your family, here’s answers to frequently asked questions. KidloLand also offers a free one-time trial of 7 days with a one month subscription. For Apple iOs users, click here. Google Android owners, click here. A one year’s subscription costs $39.99 (US). As an added bonus, check out the free printables we’ve put together in collaboration with Kidloland.


Disclosure: This app was provided free of charge by KidloLand in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. I love that you’ve shared your views with them and they’ve been receptive to feedback. Amazing how preschooler’s insight can be so different than ours!

    1. Yes, I’m very impressed by KidloLand’s responsiveness and quick follow-up and follow-through. …And true, toddlers are more insightful than we think. 🙂

    1. Yes, definitely check them out. Their music appeals to babies and tots will enjoy the activities and games.

  2. We haven’t really gotten into apps yet, and I’m not a huge fan of things on a subscription basis, but people seem to like this one. Thanks for the review.

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