Genuinely Discover New Blogs – My Take on The Liebster Award

Liebster Award for Sugarfoot and Ry Famventures

The Liebster Award

Aah, The Liebster  Award – scorned by some, but loved by others, primarily newbies to the blogosphere. Many seasoned members of the industry scoff at The Lieb and liken it to a chain letter that just won’t quit. You see, the rules are simple. The newly nominated has to follow specific instructions that include nominating other bloggers, who in turn will repeat the cycle, with the ultimate goal of the nominee and his/her readers “discovering new blogs.” Therefore, for me, the premise seemed nice enough and well-intentioned.

If you think about it, you’re basically sharing with your audience the bloggers and blogs whom you respect and like anyway. But there’s a caveat – the execution leaves much to be desired; it’s admittedly a cumbersome process and even borders on annoying. Consequently, of the eight I nominated, only three accepted. One was already a recipient of the online award, two declined after I informed them of the rules, and two simply ignored my email (although I’m hoping they’re like me and just rarely check their “filtered” messages on Facebook – which incidentally I only recently discovered was a thing).

Despite its reputation (depending on which camp you belong to), the Liebster is nevertheless an online peer-to-peer award which seeks to recognize, support, and promote new bloggers within the online community and beyond. Hence, its tagline of “Discover New Blogs.” For these reasons, I ultimately decided to accept my Liebster nom. However, I’ve put my own spin to it.


Rules of the Liebster

Through my highly scientific research conducted via Google, the general rules of the award are as follows:

  1. Acknowledge and thank the person who nominated you (posting a link to their blog and social media channels are a nice touch).
  2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge onto your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions that the nominating blogger gives you.
  4. Nominate between 5 to 11 other bloggers. I’ve seen some sites that require nominees to have a following of less than 200 people while others indicate less than 2000.
  5. Create 11 questions of your own for your nominees.
  6. Contact the bloggers and tell them that you’ve nominated them for The Liebster Award.


The Folks Who Nominated Me

The sweet ladies who nominated me for the Liebster are The Roam Pear and Salma from Made in Craftadise.

The young woman behind The Roam Pear is actually a mystery as she prefers to be nameless due to privacy reasons. However, what I can share with you is that Miss Roam Pear describes herself as a twenty-something year old introvert trapped in an extrovert’s body. She manages a travel and lifestyle blog that documents her quest to see as much of this gorgeous earth as possible while on a limited budget. Some of the places she’s been to include Bulgaria, France, and Ireland. You can find her on Facebook and on Instagram.

The Liebster Award

Salma is also a young woman in her mid-twenties and is the owner and creative mind behind Made in Craftadise, an online crafting paradise. She is an engineering post-graduate student living in the Nilgiris in South India where her passion lies in arts, crafts, and crocheting. Visit her adorable website, Made in Craftadise where you can even score free printables. She’s also on Pinterest.

The Liebster Award


Q&A Time!

So now it’s my turn to answer some questions posed by The Roam Pear and Made in Craftadise. However, between the two of them they had 22 questions in total. So rather than bore you with stuff about me (which can get pretty boring), I decided to choose just a few questions from each one.

1. What inspires you to blog? – The Roam Pear and Craftadise
What inspires me to blog is my son. While I’ve considered pursuing blogging in the past, it was only recently that I paid more serious attention to it. Partly because I have a passion for travel to begin with and like to share my trips and photos (especially now with my kiddo), but also because I have so many thoughts about single-momhood that I’d like to share those too and hopefully connect with other moms in the same situation.

The Liebster Award
Ry enjoying the misting tent at Smorgasburg, LA.

2. What is your favorite dish? – Craftadise
I’m a wannabe foodie, so I absolutely love, love, love food and have so many favorites. From the bacon-wrapped hotdog sold by the street vendor on the callé to the pre-fixe menu at a fine-dining establishment to shakshouka at a Middle Eastern restaurant to mille-crepe cakes at a lovely cafe – I will eat it all… except bugs, chicken feet, liver, and animal innards.

The Liebster Award
Mille-crepe cake from Lady M in Beverly Hills.

3. What is your favorite travel movie? – The Roam Pear
I have to admit that a couple of my favorite movies of all time also happen to be “travel movies”. They are Cairo Time and The Scent of Green Papaya. Both are romantic dramas with gorgeous cinematography set amidst the hauntingly magical landscapes of Egypt and Vietnam, respectively. I highly recommend renting them.

The Liebster Award
My favorite movies of all time!

4. Do you have a bucket list? If so, can you name a few on the list? – Craftadise
My bucket list was long to begin with as a single lady (cue Beyonce’s, “All the Single Ladies”), but it’s moreso now as a mom with a tot whom I’d like to explore the world with. But, to be realistic, we’re starting off slow and just doing domestic destinations. Ultimately, some of my bucket list goals include hiking the Incan Trail, hot-air ballooning over the temples of Bagan, flying first class on Etihad Airways (I’m obsessed with their first class apartments), sleeping in an ice hotel, swimming in the waters of French Polynesia, witnessing the Aurora Borealis, and the list goes on and on and on.

5. Career wise, do you have a plan B? – The Roam Pear
Career wise, I’m a professional in the mental health sector and have been so for the past 11 years. It’s how I’ve been able to single-handedly support my family and our famventures. Blogging is still just a hobby for me right now, but I’d be more than happy if it benefited me financially. 🙂

6. Any advice/tips for others starting to blog? – Craftadise

  • When starting your blog, make sure you have several articles already posted.
  • Market through social media, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, Stumble Upon, etc. Admittedly, I only currently have Facebook and Instagram running.
  • Don’t be afraid to join various social media groups on Facebook, e.g., Blogging Newbs, Blogging Boost, Instagram Posse, Instagram Fabulous, etc.
  • Consider purchasing an online course to elevate you to the next level such as Travel Blog Success (affiliate) or join Superstar Blogging, a program by Nomadic Matt. I belong to TBS and it’s amazing to see all the rockin’ bloggers on there. They’re the same people who write and photograph for National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, etc. 


Okay, so now that I’m done boring you with stuff about me, it’s time to share my nominees for the Liebster Award.


My Nominations for the Liebster Award

Please note that these are bloggers and blogs that I genuinely enjoy following. I didn’t just pull them out of a hat. It’s a diverse bunch, but I feel that each one truly contributes to the wonderful world of blogging in his or her own way.

A World of Flophouses – Brooding and Bryonic is how Mr. Tom McClive likes to describe himself and golly gee willikers, I think his self-assessment is right. 🙂 Notwithstanding, Tom’s writings and photographs are exceptional. Check out his website, A World of Flophouses and you can also find him on Facebook.

The Liebster Award

Lily Daily – Ms. Lily Daily is one sweet gal. She performed a really kind gesture for us mommy bloggers for Mother’s Day and this is my little way of returning the favor. Plus, she really does have a great website that’s full of mouth-watering food photos and really cute jewelry for sale. Check out her website, Lily Daily and look for her on Facebook.

The Liebster Award

Crafty Arab – Ms. Kay Tarapolsi, the crafty lady behind the blog is a Libyan-American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture. During this turbulent time in our society, I feel that blogs like Kay’s are a welcome and positive addition to the online community. Please visit her website at Crafty Arab and you can also find her on Facebook.

The Liebster Award


Questions for the Nominees

Technically, I’m supposed to come up with 11 questions for my nominees to answer. However, I decided on only five and they can be creative and come up with the rest, if they choose to.

  1. What motivated or inspired you to start blogging?
  2. Is blogging just a hobby for you or is it a full-time career?
  3. What other interests do you have besides blogging?
  4. What is your proudest achievement?
  5. If you had three wishes, what would they be?


More Twist to my Liebster Nomination

Since The Liebster Award is all about discovering new blogs, I thought I’d include the three folks that respectfully declined their nominations for various reasons. I think that they’re that good and deserve to be discovered even if they chose not to participate in this chain.

7 Continents 1 Passport – Born in Brazil, Mr. Péricles Rosa da Nova is a former chemistry teacher and model with a passion for traveling and writing about his adventures. He cranks out posts like no other, but they’re all really highly informative and helpful guides. And if you have questions about Brazil, Péricles is your expert. Definitely check out his work at 7 Continents 1 Passport.

The Liebster Award

Ellamental Mama – A single mom such as myself, Ms. Ella Davis’ honest thoughts on parenting and life are really worth reading. Please visit her website, Ellamental Mama and peruse her more serious work on HuffPo. But my favorite piece of hers, thus far, is on Scary Mommy.

The Liebster Award

Foodie Flashpacker – Mr. Nathan Aguilera is a dude exploring the world’s gastronomic delights. His writings are informative, mouth-watering, and amusing. One of his latest blog posts discusses being bitten by mutant bugs in Fez, Morocco, which resulted in a hospital visit where he was treated and cured by a doctor specializing in fertility and acupuncture (fun read!). Check Nathan’s website out at Foodie Flashpacker.

The Liebster Award


Support your Fellow Bloggers!

Now armed with this list of new bloggers and their blogs, please support your fellow bloggers by visiting their websites and social media links and leaving a thoughtful and supportive comment.


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35 comments Add yours
  1. You’re so sweet my dear!! Thx so much 🙂
    Had fun reading it and learning a little of you. Besides to like you recommendations, specially the one about Fez cuz I’m considering visiting it.
    I liked everyone’s facebook page though.
    I wish you all the best.
    Thx again!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Pericles. All the best to you too and may you always be safe and happy on wherever your journey takes you across the globe. 🙂

  2. Congrats on your award! I love your spin on it. It think anything you can do to connect with other people is great!

  3. Thank you so much for accepting my nomination as reading this post was such a bliss. Your description of me is the best! 🙂

    1. You’re most welcome, Esther. Glad you liked it. I was struggling at first how to approach this controversial award, but I think my voice shown in it.

    1. Thanks, Rachelle, and that’s only a tiny fraction too. I’m praying I get some ticked off my list. 🙂

    1. Awesome! For some reason, my cell really has a tough time opening up your FB page. Yours is the only one it gets stuck on. Weird. Anyway, glad you’re cool with the post.

  4. I love your approach to this award and your efforts in trying to make it more meaningful. Congrats on your nomination and thanks for nominating me : )

  5. Congrats on your Liebster! I remember when I was nominated and how awesome it felt! Loved learning more about you as well 🙂

  6. I was so excited the first time I got nominated. Then I googled it and saw all the mean things other bloggers had said, and I felt totally deflated. I ended up not doing it.

    What’s important is networking and learning to show support. Finding a tribe within the blogging world is just so, so important.

    1. Awe, that sucks. I kind of felt the same way, but then thought about the meaning behind the award and what it symbolizes. Nowadays it gets a bad wrap (rap?), but it’s well-intentioned and ultimately about folks discovering new blogs. Congrats for your nomination though. It’s still recognition for being an awesome blogger with an awesome blog. 🙂

  7. I received a Liebster Award way back when I was still starting my blog. That’s 6 years ago. So now, when somebody nominates me, I just tell them that I’ve already done this. But I haven’t really thought of it as a chain letter thing, in fact I liked it. It gave me an opportunity to share some things about myself and also I got to know other bloggers too.

    It’s nice of you to still recognize those who declined by the way.

    1. Congratulations on your Liebster! I think that now that more people know about it there are also just more critics of it too. Regardless, I agree that it’s a great way to share about yourself and also get to know other bloggers in the process.

  8. Theresa, thanks so much for passing on your nomination to me and my little travel blog. The take-away for me is that at least one person who has read my work truly liked it enough to recognize it, and that’s a brilliant and unexpected compliment. Cheers to you and little Ry.

    1. You’re welcome, Tom. Glad you accepted the nom. I like what the Liebster represents in theory and so I made sure to share blogs that I liked. Yours is definitely one of them. Cheers, mate!

  9. I’m in two minds about the Liebster award – on the one hand I do enjoy reading them, on the other, I never want to have to respond and create 11 new questions myself (which can escalate to 15-20 depending on which chain letter version you are in!) but well done for getting involved!

    1. Haha, I was conflicted too, but thought the only way I can honestly do the Liebster thing was talk less about me and more about the people who nominated me and that I nominated. 🙂

  10. Ah yes, I’ve been nominated for this. Couldn’t do it cause I was in such a bind at the time. Great spin!

  11. I’ve done the Liebster Award already… and to be honest, I thought it was a legit thing! haha… but I liked getting to tell my readers a little bit about me…and it was one of my earlier posts when my blog was just a baby 🙂

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