Baby-Friendly Movie Theaters in Southern California

baby-friendly movie theaters

As a single mom, I miss performing normal everyday activities that I use to be able to do without much hoopla prior to my momhood days. You know, simple stuff like sleeping in on the weekends or just taking 30 minutes of time to prep for work. Being a parent basically takes mundane tasks and elevates them to monumental feats. And unfortunately, that also applies to movie-watching. So rather than have to endure hateful stares and irate shushing by fellow movie-goers if my mini-me made even the slightest disturbance, I’d just rather skip the whole thing altogether.

Thankfully, there are quite a few baby-friendly movie theaters scattered throughout Southern California that cater to folks like us. Some amenities at these facilities include dimmed lighting, decreased movie volume, stroller parking, and changing facilities inside the auditorium itself. But even more importantly, they offer grownups with the peace of mind knowing that they won’t be bothering other folks if their wee ones became fussy. So go for it! Go to the movies with your infants and tots and don’t be afraid to sit back, relax, have your tub of popcorn and soda, and watch that flick you’ve been wanting to see. No one’s gonna give you any flak for your crying baby or fidgety toddler.


Tiny Tot Tuesday

Watching a movie at the legendary El Capitan is an exciting experience in and of itself that kids of all ages can enjoy such as pre-show entertainment, prop and costume exhibits, and other fun surprises during special engagements. After the movies, head next door to the Disney Studio Store and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain for some sweet treats.

Applies to the first show on Tuesdays. Amenities include:

  • Dimmed lighting
  • Reduced sound level
  • All shows in 2D

El Capitan Theatre
6838 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028
Information: (818) 845-3110


Cinépolis Junior

There are currently only two Cinépolis Cinema locations in the entire nation that offer the Junior experience and both are in the SoCal region. Just to be clear, Cinepolis Junior is actually just one designated auditorium within the movie theater. This colorful space provides families with a kidcentric environment that actually promotes play, but only when the movie isn’t running. Shows children’s films (rated G and PG only).

baby-friendly movie theaters
Cinepolis Junior in Pico Rivera
baby-friendly movie theaters
Cinepolis Junior in Pico Rivera
baby-friendly movie theaters
Cinepolis Junior in Pico Rivera

Amenities include:

  • Play space at the front and on one the side of the auditorium
  • Playtime of 20 minutes before the movie and 15 minutes during intermission
  • Four reserved seating options to choose from – double bean bags, double pillows, lounge chairs, and regular premium seats (prices vary)

Cinepolis Junior at Cinepolis Pico Rivera
8540 Whittier Boulevard
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Information: (562) 205-3456

Cinepolis Junior at Cinepolis Vista
25 Main Street
Vista, CA 92083
Information: (760) 945-7469



Offering onsite baby-sitting by trained theater staff who have undergone background checks and fingerprinting. The PlayCenter provides children ages 3 to 8 years old and already potty-trained a supervised and engaging environment by professionals. Walk-ins are welcomed, but reservations are highly recommended, especially during the busy weekends.

baby-friendly movie theaters
Inside the Harkins Playcenter.
baby-friendly movie theaters
Harkins paging system (in case of emergency) and wristband (for security).

Amenities at the PlayCenter include:

  • Professionally staffed and monitored
  • Providing educational computer games, arts and crafts, toys, books, and movies
  • Complimentary popcorn and drinking water
  • $8.00 per child

Cerritos 16
600 Los Cerritos Center
Cerritos, CA 90703
Information: (562) 865-4140

Chino Hills 18
3070 Chino Avenue
Chino Hills, CA 91709
Information: (909) 627-8010

Moreno Valley 16
22350 Town Circle
Moreno Valley, CA 92553
Information: (951) 653-6161

Mountain Grove 16
27481 San Bernardino Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Information: (909) 793-7993


Mommy Movie Mondays

Showing mainstream movies. Amenities include:

  • Stroller check-in
  • Reduced sound levels
  • Dimmed lighting
  • Changing stations in every restroom
  • Early-bird pricing

San Clemente Cinema 6
641 B Camino de los Mares
San Clemente, CA 92673
Information and Showtimes: (949) 661-7469


Monday Morning Mommy Movies

Showing mainstream movies.

Pacific Glendale 18
322 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210
Information and Showtimes: (866) 722-9790
Guest Services: (818) 551-0566

Pacific Grove 14
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Information and Showtimes: (866) 722-9790
Guest Services: (323) 692-0103

Pacific Lakewood 16
5200 Faculty Avenue
Lakewood, CA 90712
Information and Showtimes: (866) 722-9790
Guest Services: (562) 531-9196

Pacific Northridge Fashion Center 10
9400 Shirley Way
Northridge, CA 91324
Information and Showtimes: (866) 722-9790
Guest Services: (818) 772-8522

Pacific Winnetka 21
9201 Winnetka Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Information and Showtimes: (866) 722-9790
Guest Services: (818) 886-9002


Parent Movie Morning and Baby’s Night Out 

Showing mainstream movies. Amenities include:

  • Valet stroller parking
  • Reduced volume
  • Dimmed lighting
  • Changing facilities in the auditorium
  • Early-bird pricing

UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley, Hazard Center
7510 Hazard Center Drive #100
San Diego, CA 92108
Information and Showtimes: (619) 685-2841
Guest Services: (619) 574-8684


Me & My Parents

Kids four years old and under are free.

Los Feliz 3 Cinemas
1822 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Information and Showtimes: (323) 664-2169

Originally published: December 30, 2015
Updated: November 3, 2017

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  1. I know so many mothers that dont want to take their babies to a movie in case they cry! These movie theaters really help.

  2. I bet you’re the first person to ever, ever post something about this topic, which is probably a no-brainer “wow, we need this!” to some people. I hope those people find you.

    1. I searched on the web and there are others, but mine is definitely the most comprehensive. I hope the right people find it too. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I think the list can benefit grandparents, nannies, and basically anyone who has to take care of kids.

  3. That is very thoughtful – both the post and the idea of the theaters doing this. If I have to be honest I am like everyone else – dislike when small kids cry in the cinema. But also realise everyone needs their cinema from time to time even with babies.

    1. S, I have to be honest too. Before having my son I also disliked hearing munchkins make noise inside movie theaters. I have a different perspective now and def appreciate what these theaters are doing.

  4. Wow they have lots of baby-friendly cinemas around! It’s great to see parents can enjoy a day out at the theatre and spend time with their kids! Great post 🙂

  5. That is such a great idea…never heard about that before, but I bet it makes live just a lot nicer for parents…way to go movie industry 😀

  6. This is such an awesome post! I understand the agony of having a cry baby when watching movies.

  7. Good post for those with little ones wanting to go the cinema, and anyone looking for a cinema in the state for that matter!

  8. Wow, this is a great list. I never even knew these existed. Now I won’t be so afraid to take my LO to the movies. Thank you for this post.

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