A Single Mom’s 10 Wishes for Mother’s Day

Being a single mom to a toddler, I shouldn’t really expect much, if anything at all on Mother’s Day. And that’s ok. I mean, isn’t birthing another human being gift enough? Well, of course it is! But every now and then it would be nice to be pampered. I try to do that every year for my own mom, so I would more than love and appreciate the gesture just the same. But what exactly do I mean by pampering?

Do I mean…

– A few hours at a beauty salon to have my eyebrows threaded, my do updated, and my fingernails and toenails manicured?

– Have my stress knots massaged away by Sven at the local spa?

– Delight in a full day of retail therapy (or online shopping)?

– Drink my worries away with cocktails (my personal fave is Nuts and Berries) at a swanky night spot?

– Enjoy a scrumptious dinner at a fine-dining establishment?


– Admire the lovely gifts I was showered?

– Take pride in the crafty present(s) my tot created for me at school?

Created with love at daycare.

– Smell the fragrant bouquet of flowers I was delivered?

– Devour the tasty sweet treats made with love just for moi?


– Appreciate the lovely Mother’s Day card that contained a thoughtful hand-written message in it?

Well, no. Not quite.

While all those gifts and activities sound fantastic (seriously, I wouldn’t turn any of them down if given the opportunity), I’d be perfectly fine with the following 10 wishes. Actually, I would looooooooove for these 10 wishes to be fulfilled.

So they are…

1. Son, I wish for you to let me sleep in ‘til 10:30am in the morning without aggressively waking me up so that I can go to the… “Kitchen, mama. Food, please.” Ok, 9:30am will work too. 9:00am’s not bad either.


2. I wish for you to give me privacy in the bathroom when I shower and do numero dos. Number one too, but what the heck.

3. I wish for no tantrums the whole day because it’s just one day out of the year that I’m asking for peace and calm. Oh, who am I kidding? I’d ask for this same wish again on my birthday and Christmas too. Come to think of it, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day, etc., etc.

4. I wish for you to sit quietly throughout the entire mass at church.

5. I wish for you to sit quietly at the restaurant where we’re taking your sweet lil granny to for a pleasant Mother’s Day brunch.

Ry with Grandma

6. I wish for you to let me watch whatever I want on the TV besides the Disney Channel. Songs from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Never Land Pirates echo in my head. And Bunk’d… ugh.

7. I wish for you to let me do whatever I want without making a big fuss because it’s not something you want to do.

8. I wish for you to eat whatever I put on your plate. Green beans, squash, lentils,… All of it, kiddo!


9. I wish for you not to be sick. Because seriously, you’re sick way too often. It pains me to see you this way so frequently, and frankly, my boss is getting tired of it. But I know, it’s not your fault and you can’t help it, so I’ll cut you some slack for that one.

10. Most importantly, son, I wish for you to give me all the hugs and kisses I want. Because soon enough you’ll be all grown up and a kiss and a hug for your dear ol’ momma is just gonna be too uncool and weird.

aj. Busran - 026
Photo Credit: The Pod Photography

So those are my 10 wishes for Mother’s Day. What’s yours? Please comment below.


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  1. Funny, but I just wrote a post that’s a lot like yours! lol 😀 I think that’s because every mom wishes for the exact same thing, whether she is single or not. Kids are precious, but they’re definitely tiring! I hope you get at least one of your wishes on Mother’s Day.

    1. Hahaha, that’s funny, but also not surprising. We’re all moms essentially wanting the same things, especially sleep. God love our children, but it would certainly be nice for some extra zzzz’s in the morn. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. So great that you take your child to Mass with you. In time, they do learn to be reverent and still, but so many are not patient enough to wait. My four children are all grown-up! My Mother’s Day wish is that my kids will appreciate their own children (my awesome grandchildren) and give them the time they need and deserve. While being a mother is difficult, it is a small price to pay for the incredible blessings that children bring into our lives. Loved that last photo of you with your baby!

    1. Tami, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I wish we were more consistent with mass, but for the times that we are I’m grateful that our church has a section in the back of the church for kids who are not so quiet and still. That’s our permanent spot. 🙂 I am sure that your adult children will appreciate your grandchildren as much as you love them all. Indeed, kids are blessings despite their occasional difficulty. And yes, I love the last photo too although I look very yellow in that.

  3. Haha very funny. I have to forward this to my sister as she is also a single mom. We are still wishing my nephew will sleep until 10:30AM but never happens!

    1. Thanks, Natasha! I wish the same for your sister. Happy Aunt’s Day to you! 🙂

  4. I have two children and your wishes are my wishes! It’s hard with little children because they really don’t leave you any time to think about anything for more than few seconds – interrupting you is their favourite pastime! But the hugs are priceless and I hope they go on and on and on for as long as possible. happy mother’s day!

    1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Hope you were able to get your wish of some alone time today, but also hugs unlimited forever and ever.

    1. I’m sure your mom would’ve wanted most of them, esp the last one, so don’t forget to give your mom a big hug and a kiss! 🙂

  5. Lol, those are hilarious! Mothers learn to watch kids’ movies. I couldn’t imagine myself when I became a mom. 😉

  6. I hope you got at least one of these on mothers day – from both the top and the bottom lists!! I’d definitely love all of the things on the top – but as I am only a mom to a fur baby, I’m not sure I deserve them over real moms!

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