Thank You to my Son’s Accidental Father on Father’s Day

Thank you, Uncle Dada.


Thank you for inadvertently fulfilling the role of dad to my fatherless son. Despite not ever wanting to have kids of your own, you never once tried to avoid, much less, run away from your non-responsibility as my ex-boyfriend when Ry was born.


Thank you for allowing us to invade your man cave when Ry asks to see you for some precious uncle dada time, and I actually have the energy to make the 80-mile drive to your home two counties away. And in Los Angeles, that’s far.


Thank you for showering Ry with gift(s), whether big or small when we do come and visit, which really isn’t that often, but still.


Thank you for making sure the fridge is stocked with food that Ry will eat. He’s such a picky eater.


Thank you for agreeing to meet up with us on occasional weekends to engage in fun activities with Ry. Which reminds me, kudos to you for pushing Ry’s stroller up that steep hill at Ascot Park during the Kite Festival. Sorry, it must’ve felt like scaling Yosemite’s Half Dome.


Thank you for letting my tot tug on your aquiline schnozzola every time he sees you. …Thanks for not getting upset with me for talking about your nose.


Thank you for letting Ry use your coasters as frisbees. I know it bugs you, but you’re still sweet about it.


Thank you for playing chase with him even when you’re exhausted. After all, you’re old enough to be his granddad.


Thank you for putting up with his tantrums with composure even when you’re frustrated or annoyed or both. Seriously, how do you do it? I need tips.


Thank you for showing Ry the comical side of life.


Thank you for injecting humor into both of our lives, really. Being a single parent with a tot can be tough, but you somehow manage to make me laugh about my own situation.


Thank you for graciously accepting the role of accidental father to a little boy who’s earnestly yearning for paternal acceptance.


Thank you for treating my son with lots of love and affection. The same love and affection that his own biological dad would have smothered him if he were in the picture. But he’s not.


Thank you a million times over for being the best Uncle Dada ever to my boy.



We love you, uncle Hal.


Happy Father’s Day!


Father’s Day is June 19, 2016. Don’t forget those men – biological fathers, surrogate dads, grandfathers, step-fathers, adoptive fathers, foster dads, uncles, and anyone else who’s infused love and joy into your child’s life, and tell them how much you adore and appreciate them. Then after Father’s Day continue to show your love and gratitude for all the good that they’ve done for you and yours.


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  1. What a sweet thank you. Sounds like you’ve got he’s got a great Uncle. Makes me want to call my brother right now and thank him as he’s the same way with my two little ones. Have a great day!

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