Chubby Cheek Cafe

Similar to my previous post on Little Prince Kids’ Café, Chubby Cheek Café is an Asian-American fusion restaurant located in the City of Industry with two different indoor play spaces separated by age group; 18 months and younger and those older than 18 months.

The play area dedicated to infants under 18 months old is super cute and is a castle-like, self-contained space comprising of different baby-friendly furnishings, décor, and toys. It is kept surprisingly immaculate considering what babies are capable of doing (and goodness, do we all know what babies are capable of doing!). In keeping with the fairy-tale theme, the bigger playground also looks like a castle and houses both a ball pit and a balloon pit, a trampoline, a mini obstacle course and an assortment of toys. It is also clean and well maintained.

The difference I find between Chubby Cheek and Little Prince is that at CC’s, the staff’s focus is more on keeping the area neat and organized rather than allowing the kids to just simply be kids. For that reason, they don’t really “look after” your children (oh darn!). Instead, staff are assigned to ensure the munchkins’ safety and/or not destroying property. That’s all fine and dandy, and really, I get it. But if you’re flying solo as a chaperone of a Wile E. tot like me, don’t expect to dine uninterrupted. The times I’ve been there I’ve never been able to finish my meal in one sitting. Instead, I’d sit down for a few bites and then run back to the playground to supervise or play with Ry and then sit back down for a few more bites and then get back up again. Press play and repeat. Regardless of this inconvenience, I find that Chubby Cheek is still a much better alternative to let’s say Chuck E. Cheese. At least for me it is.

In regards to the food, well it’s pretty darn tasty, especially the pork chop with Brussels sprouts and rice dish (my fav!), and the kids’ menu is Instagram worthy. For Ry, I’ve previously ordered the spaghetti entrée in an airplane serving vessel, as well as the grilled chicken bento plate, but that was a bit too garlicky even for me. And just like at Little Prince, Ry just isn’t able to sit down and enjoy a meal knowing that he could be playing and having fun just a few feet away.

Chubby Cheek Café, a clean indoor play space for the little ones that serve yummy food, a winner in my book.

Things to know…
– Children 18 months old and under are free.
– Children older than 18 months are $10.00 for the first two hours and $2.00 every additional half hour.
– Adult admission is free, but you are expected to order at least one item off the menu.
– Everyone (kids and adults) must wear socks and little shoe cubbies are placed in front of each playground.
– For everyone’s health, no sick kids allowed.
– Parking is plentiful and free.

Contact Information:
18025 E Gale Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748
Phone #: 626-854-2233

Chubby Cheek Cafe, City of Industry, CA

Chubby Cheek Cafe, City of Industry, CA

Chubby Cheek Cafe, City of Industry, CA

Chubby Cheek Cafe, City of Industry, CA


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